Traditional Wing Chun


Traditional Wing Chun is a form of Chinese martial arts that specializes in practical and effective close quarters self defense techniques. The style itself utilizes scientific approaches such as biomechanics, centerline theory, & angular deflections. This allows for anyone to become efficient and confident in their ability to defend themselves. Wing Chun is tailored to people who do no t possess the "brute strength" as seen in most other martial arts systems, making it an ideal choice for woman and young adults.

The school of Traditional Wing Chun: Baltimore has been established since late 2010, by Sifu Tim Berkemeier due to the high demand of private lessons within Baltimore, Maryland. It was decided that a larger training area and more equipment was needed in order to provide the best quality of Traditional Wing Chun instruction. Even though group lessons are now being offered, it is Sifu's goal to provide and maintain the "private lessons" feeling by actively engaging each student in demonstrations, practice, and one on one instruction within the class room.

As a principle student of Master Wayne Wright; Sifu Tim Berkemeier has gained the knowledge and understanding not to learn how to fight or self-defense, but how to disable! This information has been passed down in direct line of inheritors of the five Grandmaster's of the Shaolin Temple to Grand Master Cheung, Master Wayne Wright, Sifu Tim Berkemeier, and now YOU!